Thursday call

J Lovejoy

Reminder that we have a legal team call tomorrow and have lots to cover in preparation for the v2.1 release of the SPDX License List at the end of the month!  

As such, we will stick strictly to the below agenda:

1) License exceptions - Please have a look at the exception tab marked for release for 2.1
and review for the following items:

a) names and short identifiers - this could use another look, before putting these on the list. Some are kind of long, do the names make sense? (I also have some feedback from 
- note, I’ve already updated the “Fedora Directory Server exception” to "389 Directory Server
Exception” with short identifier: "389-exception” as per Richard Fontana’s suggestion.

b)  I’ve noted some exceptions specifically because they have text that could possibly use markup:
  • CLISP-exception-2.0 - should the summary at the top be included as part of the exception text?  Should this have markup as omitable? 
  • i2p-gpl-java-exception-2.0 - see text, looks like the XXXX is supposed to allow for a variable name value?  Should this have markup as replaceable?
  • MySQL-Connector-ODBC-exception-2.0 - need an external link to this (preferably), does anyone have one?
  • Qwt-exception-1.0 - has some text that should be replaceable in suggestion for notice at end of exception text

2) Request to add new licenses: 
a) CeCILL Free Software License Agreement v2.1 - (Sam Ellis)

b) Open Government License - (Matt Smith) - possible other versions, and geography specific (need links)

* Please note:  Any changes to be included for v2.1, need to be finalized by Tuesday, June 16th. *

Jilayne & Paul

SPDX Legal Team co-leads

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