New License/Exception Request

Matt Smith <matt@...>

1.     Provide a proposed Full Name for the license or exception.

Open Government License


2.     Provide a proposed Short Identifier.



3.     Provide a functioning url reference to the license or exception text, either from the author or a community recognized source.


4.     Create and attach a text file with the license or exception text from the url provided in #3. Please proofread the text file to ensure that:

o    Information has not been lost or modified.

o    Formatting is clean and consistent with the license or exception URL.

See attached


5.     Indicate whether the license is OSI-approved [Yes/No] (see: If yes, provide link to the OSI license and verify that it is the same text as supplied in #4.



6.     Provide a short explanation regarding the need for this license or exception to be included on the SPDX License List, including identifying at least one program that uses this license.

This license is used by many public sector departments when releasing open data, such as:




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