call tomorrow, agenda

J Lovejoy

Hi all,

Just a reminder that we have our bi-weekly SPDX Legal Team call
tomorrow, Thursday, 13 May at 18:00 GMT (10:00AM PT, 11:00 MT, 12:00 CT,
1:00PM ET)

Call this number: (United States): +1-857-216-2871
User PIN: 38633
International: visit the URL at

We will be discussing the Standard Header field. Please review the
following info ahead of the call:
- for a description of the issue
- - see F at
bottom of page for the description of the Standard Header field
- you might also want to download the SPDX License List spreadsheet from
) as then you can easily see all the licenses that have a Standard
Header at one time.

There are 54 licenses on the SPDX License List with a Standard Header.
There seems to be 3 categories of issues:
1) multiple or variable options (e.g., Apache-2.0 and APL-1.0. GFDL-*)

2) variable text w/in header (that is not copyright notice)- do we need
to created a template with markup? (see, e.g., CPAL-1.0, OCLC-2.0,
RPSL-1.0, MPL-*, etc.

3) presence or absence of "or later" in Standard Header making a
difference as to license identification (e.g., L/GPL)

Jilayne & Paul
SPDX Legal co-leads

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