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J Lovejoy

Hi all,

The meeting minutes for the last two calls have been posted:

- future SPDX License List releases will now follow a quarterly schedule, see April 30 meeting minutes

- Does anyone have a tool they use for comparing a license against all licenses on the SPDX License List to determine if the license is already on the list or not?  This would be helpful for the Legal Team, as well as maybe making part of the SPDX Tools??

Projects for 2015:
I updated the Current Projects page here:
- This page had not been updated since early 2014 (!!).  I’m happy to say that many of the things on there have been accomplished and then some.  This really got me thinking about how much we have done in the past year all told: all the work that has gone into 2.0 and related initiatives is really, really significant, so THANKS EVERYONE!!

Now that we’ve all patted ourselves on the backs, we have more than half of 2015 left to do more great things!  See the updated list, think about what else we might accomplish or how you can help achieve the items already on the list.  

I have also included project “owners” as we have done in the past, which may be simply based on who made the suggestion :)  In any case, we will try to get back to the idea of having appointed people to “own” various initiatives.

Matching Guidelines:
- now have a version number, as of now (2.0)
We had not versioned them before.  Daniel German suggested we start using version numbers, so one can know if they have changes.  This seemed like a smart idea, so they will start as of 2.0 since that’s were we are at today. The version number will most likely change on its own schedule, i.e., not coordinated with the license list or spec, since the Matching Guidelines don’t change that often, but we will discuss that issue further on a future call.

Next call:
is May 14th - we will be tackling the Standard Headers issues, so please check out the summary on the Current Projects wiki page and associated links at the above link in advance, so we can hit the ground running!


SPDX Legal Team co-lead

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