What's in the full text of the LGPL-3.0? [was: Re: Should LGPL-3.0 be an exception rather than a main license?]

Philippe Ombredanne

On Thu, Mar 26, 2015 at 9:10 PM, J Lovejoy <opensource@...> wrote:
LGPLv3 will be on the license list - there is no question there.
One more thing to consider for this "technically-an-exception but
exceptionally treated in SPDX as a

From the license text:

"This version of the GNU Lesser General Public License incorporates
the terms and conditions of version 3 of the GNU General Public
License, supplemented by the additional permissions listed below."

The way I read this is that to effectively incorporate the GPL-3.0
terms and conditions, I must incorporate the text of the GPL-3.0.
Therefore the actual full license text of the LGPL-3-.0 must:
- contain the LGPL-3.0 text
- incorporate the GPL-3.0 text

In the LGPL-3.0 SPDX reference text, we can simply include both texts
padded together in a single text file.

IMHO not having the LGPL-3.0 text joined at the hip with GPL-3.0 text
is missing out the point of the LGPL-3.0.

That would be the sane thing to do and again practicality beats
purity, as both would always need to produced together to be correct
and compliant.

I am not thanking the FSF for this mess.

Philippe Ombredanne

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