Re: Bad character in EUPL-1.1 license.

J Lovejoy

I’ve fixed the characters, made sure I saved to UTF-8 format and pushed to Git.

There are a few characters that might still show up funny, so Gary - if you could run this utility again once these are posted, that’d be great.


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On Jan 17, 2015, at 10:51 AM, Gary O'Neall <gary@...> wrote:

Thanks Tom for the suggestion and thanks Sam for catching the error.
I've added a check in the utility we use to create the license list pages.  I found 5 additional licenses in the 2.0rc2 version of the license list:

I have seen this type of problem occur on occasion due to character encoding issues.  In SPDX we use UTF-8.  If we use the wrong encoding for a text file anywhere along the process of converting a license proposal to a standard license on the web page, we can end up with this type of a problem.

Just let me know if you see any more character encoding problems and I'll add the new "bad characters" to the check.
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FYI, the presence of the  depends on the application that is reading the file, so is often missed.  A check for  can be done with a windows find command for the character string ^u65533.  Tom
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I would like to report that the EUPL-1.1 license ( contains  bad character in the following text in bullet 5:
For the sake of this clause, "Compatible Licence" refers
The bad character after the word 'Licence" does not appear in the original of this license ( and therefore I think the bad character should be removed from the SPDX copy.
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