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J Lovejoy

HI Daniel,

Thanks for the follow-up. That’s helpful to know.

I think we will need to do, along the lines of our discussion on the call this week, is to review these cases individually and then come up with a recommendation on how (if at all) we’d like to change things, e.g., in this case, maybe we break apart the 3 components of Sleepycat and templatize, as you mention below.

But for any license that is OSI-approved, the additional step needs to then be to take that suggestion (and all our supporting research, facts, etc.) and let them know what we are thinking and consider how we might ensure that the work OSI and SPDX has done remain aligned.


SPDX Legal Team co-lead

On Jan 8, 2015, at 6:51 PM, dmg <dmg@...> wrote:

Hi Jilayne,

i looked into the Sleepycat license.

You asked if others use it (I'll look into it, I think i have seen it
used by others). but...

One interesting aspect of this license is that because the copyright
holder is no longer SleepyCat the current license in SPDX does not
match the current text of the license (used in the Berkeley DB
package). So the Sleepycat license should be changed to a template (I
am going to catch up on that this week, I promise).

So we can say that Oracle is using the Sleepycat license with the name
of Sleepcat changed to Oracle :)

Daniel M. German
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