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Agenda items as follows:
1) Dennis drafted some text for defining "deprecation" to be included at the top of the list of deprecated licenses, please review here:
Release 2.0 of the SPDX Specification introduces license expression syntax that supports the ability to identify common variations on standard licenses without the need to define each potential variation as a distinct license on the SPDX License List. This new syntax supports the ability to use a simple “+” operator after a license short identifier to indicate “or later version” (e.g. GPL-2.0+), and it also supports the ability to declare a standard license exception using the “WITH” operator (e.g. GPL-2.0+ WITH Autoconf-exception-2.0). SPDX has defined a list of standard License Exceptions to use after the “WITH” operator. A number of the standard License Exceptions were formerly included in the standard SPDX License List, but they have been deprecated as licenses, and correct usage employs the new license expression syntax. Note that for compatibility, the URL to each deprecated license still exists, but links to those deprecated licenses have been removed from the standard License List in order to clarify the currently recommended syntax.
2) license expression syntax FAQs (Mark) - please review: - for review and feedback
3) examples for license expression syntax on wiki page: - for review and feedback

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