License text formatting

Peter Williams <peter.williams@...>

While working on prototyping the spdx license registry i noticed that
the full license texts in the spread sheet are not well formatted.
Additionally, i some the license texts are incomplete (most of the
exception based licenses, for instance).

I think the license registry should use formatting as similar to
original author's representation as possible. I suggest we start with
extracts from the original source pages (including the html markup
used there). Some of these texts may require some minor
modifications/cleanup in order to integrate into our registries web
pages. To support those changes we can place these texts (with
embedded html markup for formatting) under revision control.

The license registry builder will use both the spread sheet and the
html formatted license html files to produce the full registry pages.

Does that sound reasonable to everyone? If so i'll request another
git repository from the linux foundation to house this data and the
associated tools.


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